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Mindful Eating: Principles and Application—FNDH 599

Mindful eating is an ancient practice with profound applications for preventing and resolving common eating challenges in a modern food-abundant environment. Delving much deeper than the obvious advice to “eat less, exercise more”, students will explore the six crucial decision points in the mindful eating cycle and develop sustainable skills for effective lifestyle management. This course is applicable across disciplines: psychology, nutrition, exercise science, nursing, community health, and will provide a wide range of skills and tools for well-being both personally and in future health professions.
Instructor: Dianna Schalles  |

 Spring 2022

DANCE 599      Class Number 15633 ZA

Date: January 19 – May 4
Time: 6:45 – 7:45 pm (W)
Fee: TBD
Location: College of Business Building, Room 2103, KSU Campus

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