GRO Gardening Initiative

The GRO Gardening Initiative is a project which aims to do the following:

  • make a significant impact on the food security of gardeners and their families
  • increase knowledge and skills needed to grow and consume your own food
  • build ongoing communities of mutual support and interdependence around food production activities

The GRO Gardening Initiative exists to help urban gardeners succeed at growing food. GRO works to provide tools, plants, skills training, and social supports for urban gardeners.

Access the support of GRO by calling or sending a text to Patty McKenna at 253-970-7040. Follow GRO on Instagram at

Contributions from GRO May Include

What material support GRO provides to an individual gardener depends on the needs of that individual. Contributions may include but are not limited to:

  • labor to create garden beds
  • tools and infrastructure (i.e. shovels, hoes, tomato cages, hand tools)
  • plants/seeds

Classes on garden-related topics will be provided to GRO gardeners at no cost to them. Every effort will be made to reduce barriers to accessing these learning opportunities; arrangements can be made for transportation and supplies if needed.

Gardening experts from Riley County Research & Extension and the Kansas Permaculture Institute are available to help new gardeners with site assessment, etc.

Contact Information

Contact Patty McKenna with any additional questions you may have about GRO Gardening.

Patty can be reached at 253-970-7040 or

Find the GRO Gardening Initiative on Instagram or Facebook.