General FAQs

Create an account at for the student who will be enrolled in the class. For more information, please see our guide to enrolling online.
We will provide a full refund if a class is canceled by UFM. If a student withdraws from a class 48 hours or more before the class begins, a full refund may be given, except for any published non-refundable fees. No refunds will be given once a class has started.
Yes. All participants must register and pay the registration fees before attending a UFM class. This allows for adequate handouts and materials. A class may be canceled due to insufficient registrations.
UFM is a community learning program that contracts with nonprofessional community instructors. Consequently, we cannot guarantee that the courses are absolutely accurate or complete in content and quality of instruction. We rely on the credentials provided by instructors, class observation and participant feedback as tools for evaluating a class and an instructor’s ability.
UFM classes are not a forum for selling a product or service from which the instructor may benefit. Materials specifically oriented to an instructor’s financial interests may not be distributed in class. Participants who wish to pursue a relationship with an instructor outside class time may do so on their own responsibility. Please share any concerns with UFM by emailing or calling 785.539.8763.
Scholarships are available for UFM and other select community activities.

Download scholarship application and guidelines.

Please visit our Scholarships page for more information.

Everyone can teach, everyone can learn!

This idea is the central theme at UFM. We are always looking for new class ideas and new instructors. Instructors have ranged in age from 6 to 98 years old. If you think you would like to share something you know with the community, call us at (785) 539-8763, or e-mail You may also submit your class idea from the Teach A Class page. If the class you want to teach is already being offered and/or we have a regular teacher for that topic, our Education Coordinator will speak to you about a way you might be able to modify your idea so you can still teach without duplicating offerings.

Got an idea for a UFM class? UFM is always looking for new class ideas and new projects. Let us hear from you! Call (785) 539.8763 or email to share your ideas!
UFM courses held at Kansas State University follow university policies. Classes will be held unless all university classes are cancelled. Weather sensitive classes will use the scheduled rain date. If a rain date is not scheduled, the instructor will be responsible for rescheduling. UFM classes held off campus may be canceled based on facility and instructor availability. During major weather events, listen to KMAN radio (AM 1350) for UFM cancellations, or call 539-8763 to see if an announcement has been left on the answering machine.

We will also post weather closings on our Facebook page.

K-State’s website will also carry news of closings at In the event of lightning in the area, all swimmers will be evacuated from the pools until the lightning has passed the area.

Swim FAQs

We are proud to provide the American Red Cross Learn to Swim program. All staff utilize this program when teaching group or private swimming lessons. The program serves ages 6 months through adults.
UFM Community Learning Center offers swimming lessons year-round in the K-State Natatorium, located in the Ahearn Complex on Denison Avenue. Lessons are offered in the fall semester (generally September through November), the spring semester (generally February through April), and the summer semester (generally June through July). You can view a floor plan of the Natatorium here:
Enrollment opens on a publicized date for all lessons. When possible, the date is printed in the catalog. It is also listed on the UFM website at and on Facebook.
Create an account at for the student who will be enrolled in the class. Once classes are listed online and open for enrollment, complete enrollment for that student. You will receive a confirmation email once the enrollment has been completed. We do not accept swim enrollment requests via email.

For more information, please see our guide to enrolling online.

No, unless you are enrolled in the Parent and Child class. All private swimming lessons involve one-on-one instruction between the teacher and the student. No parents will get in the water with Preschool I, Preschool II, Groups I through VI, or Private lessons. Only the enrolled student will get into the water, except for Parent and Child, where one adult and one student will enter the water together.
Yes, there is a women’s locker room and a men’s locker room, as well as a family restroom.
Please take note of all parking signs around the Natatorium. UFM is not responsible for parking tickets. Weekdays after 5 PM and on weekends, free parking is available in the K-State parking lot on Denison Avenue across the street west of the Natatorium, or on side streets. Parking in the KSU West lot near Denison Avenue requires a permit during the day between 8 AM and 5 PM. Daily, weekly, and monthly parking passes are available for purchase from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM at K-State Parking Services. Prices are $5/day, $20/week or $40/month. Parking Services is located in the southwest corner of the KSU Parking Garage at 17th and Anderson Avenue (across from Holiday Inn). You may also park in the garage for the fee of $1.50 per hour or street parking is available AFTER 9 AM. For more K-State visitor information, call 785-532-7275 or visit
You will meet the instructor assigned to you or your child at the beginning of the first scheduled lesson, on the upper deck of the Natatorium near the entrance. If your child is enrolled in a group lesson, the instructor will be holding a sign with the group level. If you or your child is enrolled in a private or semi-private lesson, the instructor will be holding a sign with your name or your child’s name.
UFM will determine if it is unsafe to hold lessons. UFM will notify patrons of cancellations via Facebook (UFMCLC). Please like or follow that page for timely updates. When a class is canceled due to severe weather or other circumstances when a lesson cannot be provided by UFM, a make-up class will be scheduled OR a refund will be issued for the amount of the missed lesson.
When class participants are absent from class, UFM will not issue a refund or make-up session due to staff availability, budgeting, and scheduling constraints. When possible, please contact the UFM office or Swim Program Supervisor to notify your instructor of the student’s absence.
All private swimming lessons involve one-on-one instruction between an instructor and a student. Please note that private lessons are held concurrently with other lessons taking place in the Natatorium.
A semi-private lesson involves two students of the same swimming level/capability being taught by one instructor. You must call or come in to enroll in a semi-private lesson. Alternatively, one of the students can enroll in a private lesson online, then contact us to add the second participant and pay the difference. A semi-private lesson costs $75 per student.