Riley Lane Garden

The Riley Lane Gardens, located at 9th St and Riley Lane in Manhattan, is the oldest community garden in Kansas. Created in 1974, the property is leased from the City of Manhattan. 130 plots are available for gardening. To apply for a garden plot, please click on the link below for the application. All new gardeners must attend a signup session. No specific plot can be guaranteed.




Additional Information

Listed below is some addition information about the gardens. If you have any questions, please contact us at UFM.

Plot rental for Riley Lane Plots varies by plot because the plots vary in size. There is also a $20 deposit. Low income gardeners pay a reduced fee also depending on plot plus a $10 deposit. Fees cover the costs of operating the program. Water, mulch, tools, and advice are available as part of the fee.  Plot Rental by Plot for Riley Lane Garden.
There are 132 plots available at Riley Lane.

Peace Pole

In 1995, the Manhattan Community Garden was awarded a Peace Pole, a project founded in Japan by the International Peace Pole Society. This award recognized projects that unite the community for cooperation and peace. The pole is mounted at the Community Garden on Riley Lane.